The Avance Experience


Avance has created and managed marketing communications campaigns for the entertainment industry (concerts, sports, film releases, and product launches and promotions), physical and mental health care, automotive, quick service restaurants, individuals/celebrities, financial institutions, education, and life science/biotechnology, political and municipal clients.

Avance’s team manages all areas of communications including (but, not limited to) the development of strategies, messages, themes, talking points and concepts. Additionally, we write, edit and proof copy – with a specialty of translating and interpreting technical information, so it is easy for “grassroots” audiences to comprehend.

Avance offers public and media relations, public involvement, community outreach and relations, crisis and issues management, and graphic design services of collateral materials (such as annual and community reports, brochures, invitations, flyers, signage, specialty items) as a part of its marketing communications efforts.

The agency’s early successes in reaching diverse markets led it to seek an exclusive service mark for Avance Diversity Communications SM. Essentially, Avance Diversity Communications SM is a flexible communications model that helps clients converse with diverse audiences. It also helps them appreciate that diversity goes beyond race, ethnicity, age, geographic location and gender. It highlights that diversity is about different perspectives, thoughts, backgrounds, work styles and experiences. And, that a diverse and inclusive corporate culture values differences, which fosters innovation and drives success.

Avance also offers cost-effective digital media marketing solutions that drastically increase exposure and traffic to clients’ websites and/or other call to actions. Our approach to web design and web development ensures aesthetically pleasing websites with a user-friendly design that work hard for the business. Our clients receive a creative website that encourages lead generation, user interaction, and a layout built for search engine rankings.

Avance works with its clients to determine “what is success” at the beginning of all engagements. Evaluation procedures are put in place to monitor and appraise campaigns; and to provide the client with assessment tools to measure its return-on-investment.