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About Avance

Avance Communications, Inc. (Avance) is a Michigan-based, marketing communications agency known for its innovation, creativity, and on-time, cost-efficient delivery of products and services. Over the years, our clients have come to us with a wide range of marketing communications challenges.

We take great pride in the fact that our team of diverse marketing communications specialists find solutions that work for each client’s challenge. Every project bearing the Avance Communications’ signature delivers the full measure of our commitment to quality and excellence. At Avance, We Are Right On Target!

Avance Leads the PR Legacy

Remember when companies and agencies treated people like family? When you felt you could share your media needs, your company history, your dreams of excellence and you would get prompt, personal attention with competent results? This is the type of service Avance offers to help you advance your communications’ goals.

See how rapidly the Avance team functions as a “go-to source” for grassroots activities and corporate decision-making. It happens because we have a strong, proud family legacy and a desire to serve our clients with experience, teamwork, quality, commitment, excellence and service.

CEO/President Acquanetta Glass relies on the strength of a family heritage in marketing communications and years of hands-on industry experience, which helps differentiate Avance from a host of other agencies. The collaboration of clients, vendors and the Avance team creates the right solution, whatever the need or challenge.

Glass’ inspiration was her great uncle, Sidney J. Phillips, the owner of an advertising agency in the south during the 1930s and 1940s, in advance of the Civil Rights Movement. Phillips rallied for a coin honoring Booker T. Washington that led to the U.S. government minting 2.7 million 50-cent pieces, which sold for one dollar each. The proceeds helped raise funds for a memorial to and the restoration of Washington’s birthplace in Franklin County, Virginia. Phillips called it the Center for Unselfish Service.

Phillip’s motto, kept alive by the Avance family, says it all: “When men do their level best day after day, they are bound to succeed – no matter what the undertaking.” He also was fond of saying, “a good soldier always goes the second mile willingly with hard work, endurance, interest and enthusiasm.”

This proud legacy goes forward into every project Avance undertakes. You can count on the Avance team to work with respect and trust. We are at our best in providing customer quality and satisfaction – it is our family tradition.